Hi my name is Chris, for a long time now i have been intruiged by the bengal cat, their long sleek body, beautiful markings and softest of fur, and then of course their vocal abillities, there is nothing better than when your sat there and along comes your beautiful bengal, sits with you and talks away as if its having a conversation with you, then there is their love of water, yes thats right these lovely creatures come and join you when you go for a bath, or do the washing up, I have had to set up a bath in their pen just to save my carpets ha ha, unlike the domestic cat that runs a mile, I love the way they sweep the water as if to remove any debris that might be on the top something they would do in the wild.

I got my first bengal for my birthday, a present from my wonderful husband Mark.

Knowing I loved them so much he and my daughters searched and searched all without me knowing, and they found my lovely girl Zira, and that was the start of my real love of bengals, since I got her a year ago I have since gone on to get another two girls kamala and luna , and my boy tigs.

I am now totally smitten and know that anyone that allows one of these wonderful creatures into their lives will never look back. I have just had my first litter given to me by my lovely girl Zira and my boy Tigs.

We have all our cats registered with TICA although three of our girls are also registered with GCCF.

Bengal Stud Tigs

 Tigs my stud !

Bengal Queen Luna

 Luna my brown spotted girl

Bengal Queen Zira

 Zira my beautiful girl, the start of all this !!

Bengal Queen Kumala

 kumala my snow girl