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Zira had 5 beautiful kittens. Be sure to check in regular as i will be uploading new pics every week, as they progress, Enjoy looking :-)
Massive reduction in prices to find their forever homes as soon as possible.

Kunawaro Berbera

Sonargaon  Buble

Zira's kittens were  Born On - 28st May 2012 and are ready for their new homes - 27th August 2012

All prices are as pets, kittens can be available on the active register, contact us for prices. We will hold kittens for a non refundable deposit of £100.

Girl 1 £285, Sold

This little girl is a Tri Coloured Marble, and is looking outstanding all ready, she has a short silky coat, when markings come through this early, its a good sign there going to be stunning.

if you like your marbles you will know it takes up to 2 years to reach there full potential, so dont miss out on this lovely girl.

 Girl 2,  £285 Sold

This girl is also a Brown Tri Marble, but her markings are looking a little different and we think she's going to be very special so we are contemplating  keeping her. We are still taking enquires though.

 Boy 1 £500, Reserved

Snow Marble Linx boy. Boy 1 and 2 are very similar. These pictures just do not do them justice and need to be seen to apreciate  how nice they realy are, I always struggle with taking pics of snows. These 2 boys have gorgeous blue eyes, and soft silky coats with great markings.

If you are after a snow get in quick as snows are always first  to go.

Boy 2  £385, Reserved

Snow Marble Linx, Boy 2 is very similar to boy 1, have a read on write up for boy 1.

Girl 2  £450, Now Reserved

This brown spotted girl is just gorgeous with great markings and a great personality, she just loves her cuddles and is a great little purr box.

 ByeZira Bengals are based in Kent and we are in a great location to serve Sussex, Essex, Surrey, London, Oxfordshire and Berkshire as we are just a short drive from these Locations. Delivery could be if necessary arranged, as it is always nice to see our kittens new home and provide some advice if needed.

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